INKAMODA is a sustainable luxury brand, brining to the US market beautiful handwoven, naturally dyed Alpaca garments from the mountain communities of Peru. The fabric of Incan royalty, alpaca fiber is soft, warm, lightweight, breathable, durable, sustainable - one of the finest fibers in the world.

INKAMODA works with alpaca breeding communities and weavers to preserve ancestral Incan arts, revitalize local techniques and talents, and empower women. Many women in these Andean communities are living in poverty and have very low self-esteem. INKAMODA provides training and fair wages for these women, and they use their earnings to improve the quality of life for their families and communities. INKAMODA promotes initiatives that strengthen women's capacities to achieve these skills autonomously.

When you make the conscious decision to wear INKAMODA clothing, you are choosing to respect nature, taking a step towards a more sustainable life, and fostering the economic and cultural development of precious Andean communities.